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Monday, June 26, 2023

Menthe / Fenugreek Seeds Tambli Recipe (Karnataka Recipes)

Here's a bowlful of simple, healthy and comforting side dish, that's great to cool your body naturally. Tambli is a very traditional Karnataka dish which our grannys have been making from many years . Thambli is mild, medicinal and soothing dish that makes a meal wholesome. For better understanding we can call term tambli as medicated buttermilk / a type of raita / cold soup .You can prepare tambli with anything and most of them takes just 10 mins.Today it is " Menthe Tambli ( Tambuli ) / Fenugreek Seeds Tambli ". This fenugreek tambli is a great diabetic friendly dish too .

Serve the Menthe / Fenugreek Seeds Tambli as a side dish along with your main course meal for lunch or dinner.

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